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MSFW | Reflections | Behind the Scenes

Have you had a chance to watch ‘Reflections‘ the official fashion film for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week yet? The concept sees gorgeous (inside and out) model Kate Peck¬†racing past iconic Melbourne landmarks – in fabulous Australian designer outfits – with cameos from local faces in the industry. It was an

MSFW | Racewear | David Jones

Be forewarned; in an instant the roses will be in bloom, horses will be on the track and we will be donning fine fancies atop our coiffed heads while sipping champagne on green lawns. The Spring Racing Carnival is imminent. And if David Jones‘ racewear showcase at the Melbourne Spring

MSFW | Student Runway 1 | 2013

As per tradition, our fashion future took to the catwalk last night at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. The first half of the student showcase was devoted to graduates of the prestigious RMIT fashion school. The runway presented an array of experimental ideas including illumination, hulking silhouettes, delicate butterfly wing prints,

MSFW | Backstage Beauty | Designer Runway 1

Here’s a little taste of the buzz backstage and the hours of work that go into making the models (even more) beautiful for a catwalk show. As we slipped behind the scenes into MSFW‘s makeshift salon, I noted the be-wigged hair look for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week’s Designer Runway 1

MSFW | Designer Runway 1 | 2013

Theatre. That’s the term that sums up the opening designer runway at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week for 2013. From the doll-like musicians that tunefully accompanied each designer showing, to Richard Nylon’s finale of glow-in-the-dark, head-in-the-clouds, can’t-even-call- them-millinery creations, MSFW this year kicked off with the very best kind of drama.

Behind the Scenes | Fred Hates Fashion | MSFW 2013

For someone who hates fashion Fred sure puts on a spirited runway show. The independent film and fashion show made its debut at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week last night and backstage the vibe was pretty much as you’d imagine a catwalk straight out of a cliched movie scene to be.

The Fashionable Cocktail at MSFW

Cocktails are not about getting wasted (no matter how elegantly). They are about dressing up, experiencing a very grown-up ritual and perhaps becoming “pleasantly giddily tiddly” as fashion writer Janice Breen Burns puts it. Savouring cocktails is about knowing who you are. Fashion and music journalist (and now three time

Reflections | Fashion Film | MSFW

After creating the award winning fashion film ‘Tomorrow’s Lovers’, Folie a Deux return with ‘Reflections’ commissioned especially for for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (see a short preview above). Model, MTV host and kind-hearted soul Kate Peck stars in the film which features cameos from some of our city’s fashion identities

MSFW 2013 | Beauty Preview

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week MSFW 2013 hair & make up with Kevin Murphy, Mecca Cosmetica and Mecca Maxima at Cosmetics Cubed | StyleMelbourne

How many cans of hairspray must Kevin Murphy have gone through? 2013 marks his 10 year anniversary directing the hair looks at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. Alongside make-up maestro Kenneth Higgins of Mecca, Kevin is charged with making MSFW all the more beautiful. This year Mecca Maxima is looking after

The Essentials of MSFW 2013

Models Emily Macfarlane, Natalia Kalinowski & Olivia Langdon launch the MSFW 2013 program

Once upon a time, way back in the early naughties, I attended my very first Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. This year marks my 10th MSFW! It’s been one heady decade of caffeine, coiffure and champagne since. And killer deadlines. With one month to go, Spring will soon be in the