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Melbourne Spaces: Nicholas and Alistair

Of all the jobs I fancy in the world International Treasure Hunter is up there with designer’s muse, food critic and 1806’s cocktail tester. Yet there are no Indiana Jones style adventures for Nicholas Mesiano and Alistair Knight of Nicholas & Alistair, just a whole lot of high-end sourcing and

Melbourne Spaces: Ricardo Amare Gallery Boutique

In opposition to our trademark black, there’s been something of a rainbow infiltration in Melbourne recently. Camilla and Belle Bijoux have both been spreading the technicolour love here recently – perhaps it’s the decidedly tropical weather we’ve been experiencing? Now a newly opened boutique is set to do the same

Melbourne Spaces: Lisa Taranto boutique

The last time I caught up on Lisa Taranto news the label had just become a designer duo. Now with the addition of a jewellery range (and stockings too) Lisa Taranto is officially a designer trio! The new self-titled collection of baubles is a contrast to the Broken Lock range

Melbourne Spaces: Urban Jungle

Remember  this exchange from the genius Absolutely Fabulous? Eddie: Im opening a shop, Pats. Patsy: Ooh, what are you going to sell? Eddie: Oh, just gorgeous things, you know. Patsy: Ooh, lovely. Eddie: Gorgeous, tasteful, little stylish little gorgeous things… Consider Amanda Davenport and Jane Claeys the new Patsy & Edina (sans

Melbourne Spaces: Fleur

Described  as a “beautiful woman who can create beautiful things with flowers” Fleur (a fateful moniker?) McHarg has set up shop on Rose Street in Armadale. This is not your typical flower store crammed with pre-boxed bouquets, bunches of helium balloons and teddy bears. Instead white walls act as a

Melbourne Spaces: Il Fornaio

The word that comes immediately to mind when entering Il Fornaio is “bountiful”. Nothing provides more simple pleasure than being surrounded by piles of fresh produce – quinces, artichokes, chestnuts – and a seemingly never-ending font of Moscato. This is before even getting to the new reason to visit the bakery; recently instated chef

Melbourne Spaces: A Shop Called Milton

Who is this elusive Milton? We may never know, yet his namesake store ‘A Shop Called Milton’ holds clues the mystery. I gather Milton must be charming and warm and appreciates lovingly made items from local designers and artisans (more on Milton here). A Shop Called Milton is multi-functional as