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Melbourne Spaces: Timothy Oulton

Thoroughly British furniture designer Timothy Oulton has made his first foray into Melbourne in conjunction with Coco Republic. Having grown up on Enid Blyton’s Malory Towers books, I can see how his pieces speak to the imagined nostalgia of boarding school. There’s weathered leathers intended to be jumped upon against

Melbourne Spaces: A-Esque

Label whore? You can probably just go right ahead and ignore Amanda Briskin-Rettig’s latest venture. Founding the undeniably successful Mimco brand many moons ago, Amanda’s new label A-Esque is quite the antithesis to accessories that demand attention. Oh, you’ll still coo over supple Italian leathergoods but this time around her

Melbourne Spaces: North St. Botanical

North St. Botanical is not your typical florist. The new space founded by North St. Flowers’ Emily Bradbury is two brick rooms plus a backyard nursery filled with the expected, as well as slightly odd blooms. Terrariums by Lulu and Angel, exotic and carnivorous plants, tiny potted succulents and purple chillis

Melbourne Spaces: Swoon

Sandwiched between a haute perfumerie and an op-shop, Swoon seems right at home. Elgar & Lyle and Margery Daw designers Brahman Perera and Keegan Hunt have set up a shop devoted to emerging and under-the-radar fashion labels and homeware designers. Having literally raised the roof and revealed the archways within

Melbourne Spaces: Mon Bijou

Don’t be fooled by the rather “weathered” street level entrance. Once you alight from the elevator, what a pleasure it is sip a passionfruit-scented cocktail upon the airy, white-washed rooftop of Mon Bijou. Officially launching as a special events space this week; the lower level is more akin to Mon

Melbourne Spaces: Senorita’s Taqueria & Mezcaleria

As one who believes guacamole was invented by benevolent gods, I’ve been keenly awaiting the opening of Senorita‘s for years. I first heard of the Ricardo Amare’s concept of opening a taqueria and mezcaleria – something of a ladies’ parlour – when he ran his temporary gallery boutique in Armadale.

Melbourne Spaces: Nomad

So I briefly mentioned it in my list of places to find inspirational fashion design/shopping in Melbourne but it’s time to settle down with Nomad to take a closer look. A fusion of Ricardo Amare and his artist partner Yenny Huber’s Mexican and Austrian roots; Nomad is a happy clash

Melbourne Spaces: Inspirational Fashion Design

I was recently invited to share the fashion design destinations that inspire me for a soon-to-be-released e-book. The catch; I only have 3 hours in which to share all the wonderful places in Melbourne I always find myself wandering into! In celebration of the release of Hyundai‘s new design-focused Accent, I

Melbourne Spaces: Tale

Let me tell you a tale… Once upon a time (ie. now) Australians Steve Hibberd and Liz Palmieri joined forces with Celia Philo (that’s ex-Chloe designer & current Celine designer Phoebe Philo’s mum for those paying attention) to bring a touch of European style to our local interiors. They have

Melbourne Spaces: Bon a Manger

The original idea is from the UK, it has a French name but this new local eatery is infused with a Melbourne flavour. The chic read and white facade of Bon a Manger (translating as ‘good to eat’ for those a little rusty on their French lessons) is situated under a