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Lookbook: Kuwaii ‘Regalia’ A/W 2013

With the impending arrival of Will and Kate’s progeny and Naomi Watts’ Princess Diana movie (both due in a few months) it’s probable gossip mag readers’ fascination with the monarchy will return with a vengence this year. Timely then that Kristy Barber’s latest Kuwaii collection ‘Regalia’ takes royalty as it’s starting point.

Tettmann.Doust Infinitum A/W 2013

I’m a secret nerd at heart. I plan nightime trips out to the country just to see the Milky Way, I love a good David Attenborough doco and am forever toying with the idea of setting up a blog/series that juxtaposes fashion with nature. So it’s lovely to find others

Lookbook: Megan Park A/W 2013

“When I was conceiving the idea of this Winter collection I really went into my archives – I’ve got a huge archive of vintage and antique textiles and embroideries” explains Megan Park of her just released collection. The range draws inspiration from the Victorian era through to the 1930s, which results in

Lookbook: Jolet A/W 2013

On my desk, framed in silver, sits a photograph taken of a metropolitan skyline at night snapped while on a holiday to Japan. Its twinkling skyscraper lights are blurred but I love the abstractedness. The photograph is still unmistakably Tokyo. So when I spied Jolet‘s Autumn Winter 2013 collection I

Country Road A/W 2013

Everything old is new again. It seems the design team at Country Road have been rifling through their (or their mother’s) deepest closets for inspiration. Not so much to recreate pieces, but to discover elements to apply to the modern wardrobe. That old silk scarf is the starting point for

Fame Agenda ‘Donkey Skin’ Resort 2013

Released in Indonesia last year, Melbourne label Fame Agenda‘s ‘Donkey Skin’ range is soon to be released here as a resort collection. The unusual title refers to the English translation of Peau d’Âne; a 1600’s fairy tale written by French wordsmith Charles Perrault. The tale is like a twisted, potentially incestuous, pre-Cinderella story

It’s a Rapp (scarf)

Eloise Rapp is one multi-talented lass. She’s been flitting around Sydney and Tokyo as a textile and graphic designer, WGSN forecaster, fashion week writer and an art director for underground clubs. Now she’s back to Melbourne (planted in a Collingwood worker’s cottage to be exact) to launch her debut collection

Mister Zimi ‘Utopia’ Resort 12/13

What’s your idea of Utopia? Mine’s regularly transforming but it definitely involves warm lapping water, coconut-scented air and no deadlines. And serious margaritas. The closet thing to this ideal that I possess at the moment is a smartphone app that plays ocean sounds to help me sleep (…and tequila in the pantry,

Lookbook: Kathryn Beker ‘Vargtimmen’ 2013

Watch out; things are about to get a little bit eerie around here… Kathryn Beker makes a welcome return with her limited edition ready-to-wear 2013 collection which she has dubbed ‘Vargtimmen’. The translation from Swedish is ‘hour of the wolf’, apparently that delicate time between night and dawn when most people

Lookbook: Neo Dia ‘Temporal Tangent’ Spring Summer 2012-13

Unintentionally, ‘Temporal Tangent’ is an apt name for Neo Dia‘s upcoming summer collection. When dividing the terms, ‘temporal’ could refer to being down to earth, while ‘tangent’ is often most often used to describe diverging slightly from your usual path. I draw these links because commercial factors are a reality