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The Australian Edit – A Fashion Space: Winter Edition

The Australian Edit - A Fashion Space. At Yering Station winery

The Australian Edit returns to the grounds of the sublime Yering Station winery – which will always have a place in my heart for their delicious Yarrabank Crème de Cuvée – this Winter. Can you think of much better to do next Sunday afternoon than pull on a pair of Hunter

Whitehorse Jewellery Auction

Jewellery by Anna Davern

New Guernica will sparkle just that little bit more tomorrow evening as fledgling and established jewellery designers showcase their wares. The Whitehorse Jewellery exhibition and, more importantly, silent auction provides the rare chance to possess a unique piece. The event raises funds for graduate jewellers and features names like Anna Davern,

Come see the Eighth Wonder of the World

Did you hear? Mr. Denham and his film crew are back from the exotic Skull Island. I’ve heard rumours; apparently they’ve captured a mighty beast this time, perhaps the last of its kind! They’re calling it the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’ whatever that means. Happily they’re bringing their mysterious

The Festival of Steve

Take a rare walk through the door of the exclusive Kelvin private club tomorrow and you may just emerge the very model of a modern gentleman. The Festival of Steve is a one day only celebration of manly Melbourne pursuits; learn billiards from a pro, browse a curated selection of

Philip Boon presents: Styling Masterclass

After a quarter of a century working in the fashion industry as a stylist, creative director and designer, Philip Boon presents an intimate styling masterclass. During the session Mr. Boon will reveal his expertise, tips and tricks for styling everyday men and women to models and movie stars (in the

Monet’s Garden

Pathway in Monet's Garden, Claude Monet, 1902

I remember the first time I saw one of Claude Monet’s paintings in real life. Or rather I remember the indefinable feeling that came over me as I wandered alone in a gallery overseas only to be unexpectedly struck by his works’ luminosity and liveliness. Seeing his art in books or on

Screening: The Great Gatsby

A sketch announcing Miuccia Prada of Prada and Miu Miu's collaboration with costume designer Catherine Martin on costumes for Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby

Lala Productions – they of  tweed ride and wardrobe weekender organisational notoriety – present a special screening of The Great Gatsby on May 31. Where else to watch F. Scott Fitzgerald’s tale of excess than in the surrounds of an Art Deco cinema with 1920’s cocktails (make mine a gin

Champagne ♡ Perfume

Weapons of mass seduction. That’s what Samantha Taylor and Kyla Kirkpatrick peddle; each lady boasting unparalleled expertise in all things scented and sparkling respectively. They are teaming up for the first time to become a tour de force of luxury; holding Champagne and perfume masterclasses starting on the afternoon of

Philip Boon presents: ML Vintage

Fashion is a world of extremes. In past years we’ve seen a demand rise and wane for niche models who are heroin chic thin, rotund, androgynous or very young. Now, with the success of Ari Seth Cohen’s Advanced Style project and the renewed buzz about the “world’s oldest supermodel” Carmen

Vivien’s: A Creative Exhibition at LMFF

What would you do if you represented a gaggle of models, stylists, hair and make-up artists and photographers? Vivien’s agency has brought their family together this L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival season, fusing their collective talents to produce fashion images for a new exhibition. See what happen when Vivien’s Melbourne photographers James