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Fashion One tv | Madam Virtue & Co. | Video

 A little while ago international tv channel Fashion One asked me to show them around Melbourne. So I took them to a handful of my favourite fashion places in town including Lui Hon, Lady Petrova, Metal Couture and Alice Euphemia. First up; Madam Virtue & Co. where we get to

Reflections: 2013

Before I skip off into the sunshine until 2014, I thought it might be nice to take a look back at some highlights of StyleMelbourne’s year that was. Both as an exercise in optimism as we move into 2014 and to jog my fading memory. A lot of the below

Following the Fashionista’s Guide

I have nothing to wear. It’s such a first world problem. Alas ’tis the season of needing a plethora of new special event outfits and so a shopping trip is imminent. Away from the big glossy centres (of which I only ever feel comfortable shopping at the three that are

High Tea in Paris

Last week I imagined myself in Paris during springtime, surrounded by macarons, haute couture and blooms, if only for a moment. L’Heure du Thé (or a French High Tea) captured the essence of France amid the Langham Hotel’s ballroom. The sold out event featured a mini-market, a Pierrick Boyer (of Le

Melbourne Spaces: Inspirational Fashion Design

I was recently invited to share the fashion design destinations that inspire me for a soon-to-be-released e-book. The catch; I only have 3 hours in which to share all the wonderful places in Melbourne I always find myself wandering into! In celebration of the release of Hyundai‘s new design-focused Accent, I

L’Heure du Thé (a French High Tea)

Fashionable Francophiles will be in paradis next Saturday 17th September from 11am to 4pm as a little Parisian flair comes to Melbourne. L’Heure du Thé – hosted by French themed events organisers Le Style – will feature all manner of Gallic delights. French music will play as a high tea menu

Video: Rising 5

Just had to share this video posted recently from the Rising 5 fashion exhibition. I first encountered 3D photographer Mark Ruff’s images featuring designs by Madame Virtue, Richard Nylon, Lui Hon, the Di$count designers, Ellison, Dhini, Metal Couture & J’Aton at LMFF 2011. It’s rare to see three dimensional fashion

Happy Birthday to…

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Cecylia, Is there time to shop too?!The Cecylia boutique celebrated its first birthday last night with fairy bread, party poppers and bubbles. How can I say no to an invitation that commands one “wear a fancy hat”? So, instead

The Stylist Says Workshop

Stylist (and now blogger) Philip Boon invited his friends – vintage style maven Candice DeVille, actress Daniella Farinacci and designer Jenny Bannister – for an intimate panel discussion on styling and their varied experiences working with or as stylists. Philip shared his philosophies on personal style; “the thong is wrong”,