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So it appears my scheme to create a hoarde of minions to do my bidding (which admittedly mostly involves fetching me iced vo-vos and making sure a vigorous daily schedule of foot rubs is kept up) is not quite going to plan. They need to be…at least three times bigger than this.

In all seriousness, it was a tiny (pun intended) thrill to be chosen as just one of 50 Melburnians take part in the #MiniMelbourne project that has just been unveiled. Miniature models of prominent Melbourne identities including milliner Richard Nylon, artist Rone, menswear designer Dom Bagnato, homewares creative Gemma Patford, media presenter Chrissie Swan, Father Bob and even the Mayor have been installed at the tram station on the corner of Flinders and Swanston Streets. Come visit us soon!

A few weeks ago I was secretly scanned – it takes mere minutes – and the process of creating my MiniMe began. It ended up quite detailed, from perfecting the exact shade of lipstick I was wearing all the way down to the tips of my leopard print shoes. The project is in honour of the arrival of 3D Experience Centre by Officeworks which is making 3D printing accessible for all of us.

You can get your very own MiniMe – plus other 3D printables – at 271-275 Russell Street, Melbourne as of now.

3d printed stylemelbourne by officeworks

3d printed stylemelbourne by officeworks

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