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United By Style | Ginger & Smart x Dulux

Renowned trend forecaster Li Edelkoort has recently declared that it’s “the end of fashion as we know it”. She sees many reasons for this, including a new focus on clothes (as opposed to fashion with a capital ‘F’) and couture. I think another could be that fashion has moved out of our closets to permeate the fabric of our everyday lives. From what we eat and where, where we travel, our health, our personal mantras to the products we choose, fashion is pervasive. It also lends itself easily to how we dress our living spaces.

Ginger & Smart x Dulux

Paint purveyors Dulux recognise this and now consciously inject fashion into their range through the continuing United by Style project. They have collaborated with colour-savvy labels Gorman and Romance Was Born in the past, and this season they have commissioned Ginger & Smart to help style a home in Melbourne inspired by their ‘Arcadia’ A/W15 collection. Designer¬†Alexandra Smart explains “it was really exciting for us to express the brand in a new way, we’ve been wanting to move the brand into interiors for a long time and so this is a lovely way for us to segway.” So expect Ginger and Smart homewares soon.

Ginger & Smart x Dulux : Photographer Lisa Cohen, Concepts Dulux Creative Consultant Bree Leech and styling by Bree Leech & Heather Nette King.

Dulux Creative Consultant Bree Leech worked “very closely with Alexandra and Genevieve to develop the interior concepts, sourced and curated furniture and accessories local and bespoke showrooms and brought them together with Ginger & Smart’s clothing and accessories to create three very inspiring spaces…[each] inspired by a different print in the collection”. Ginger & Smart, who always develop all their own colours, have also seen their Armadale boutique given a Dulux treatment based on their ‘Afterglow’ print via “a speckled paint pattern applied to the walls using a fluid technique that progresses the colours from a soft white, Serena Quarter, through to ocean greens and blues: Rockpool, Sky Chase, Rockabilly and Sailing Safari”.

Ginger & Smart x Dulux

So, as charming and colour-drenched as the Arcadia House is, I wonder would Genevieve Smart personally live in it? “My home is quite neutral because I work with colour and print allll day long and I’m just choosing between ten different reds – I’m a little bit obsessed with colour during the day – so I like to go home to a palate cleanser. It’s very much black and white and neutrals with the odd pop of colour that I change around every few seasons,” the designer reveals.

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