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Josh Goot Grand Showcase | VAMFF 2015

Of all the events at VAMFF, Josh Goot‘s runway show may be the one that provided the most talking points.

As event partner and forthcoming luxury retail and residential development Capitol Grand unveiled an enticing film by fellow Oscar-winner and local cinematographer Dion Beebe (Into the Woods, Chicago, Memoirs of a Geisha) pre-show, a few of my seat mates commented on the disconnect of appointing Charlize Theron as their ambassador. As talented – and downright gorgeous – as she may be, the actress doesn’t really scream “South Yarra” and did unfortunately forgot their name on a recent jaunt down under. Nevertheless, after viewing the high-gloss film, I certainly wouldn’t kick myself out of bed there in the unlikely event I should find myself waking up in one.

Andreja Pejic’s much-anticipated return to the Melbourne Fashion Festival was mostly fodder for the gossip pages¬†(“returns as a woman” they gasped). This happened last year and so is old news – especially in terms of fashion time – for the rest of us. The statuesque beauty also walked in London last month so this was not her debut. Let’s all leave her personal life alone and get back to the clothes shall we.

Speaking of the which, the designer’s recent brush with voluntary administration (and the label’s swift return to Goot’s control) was naturally hard to ignore. But this Grand Showcase honour marks ten years for the label and, fingers crossed, an optimistic new outlook for the future. In a marked difference to Camilla and Alex Perry, who were pioneers of epic standalone shows at VAMFF, Josh Goot kept things minimal, sans bells and whistles, in keeping with his streamlined aesthetic. The designer did make sports luxe a thing in this country after all – how I still adore the signature silver Josh Goot racer-back tank that has been hanging in my wardrobe for many a year. So do consider buying some Goot next time you are deciding between designer dresses to support those who support the makers in this country.

Photography by Edy Lianto

Josh Goot Grand Showcase VAMFF 2015 by Edy Lianto for

Josh Goot Grand Showcase VAMFF 2015 by Edy Lianto for

Josh Goot Grand Showcase VAMFF 2015 by Edy Lianto for

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