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Dinner with Ms Collins

The Ballroom at Ms Collins
Something happened a few years ago. Food became fashion. “In Melbourne – we’re such a food city – it’s a great idea to go to a club but be able to get an amazing dinner beforehand” muses Huxtable/Huxtabuger chef Daniel Wilson. Now when you dine within the neon accented nightspot that is Ms Collins, you dine with Daniel and a trio of other prominent chefs: Jacques Reymond (L’Hotel Gitan, Dish’d, Bistro Gitan), Paul Wilson (Icebergs, Morel Mexicola, ex-Circa/Acland St Cantina etc) and Riccardo Momesso (Valentino Restaurant, ex-Il Bacaro, ex-Sarti).

Ms Collins

Ms Collins co-founder Simon Digby expands on the concept, “Ms Collins was a concept we came up with which is the intersection of food, art, music and fashion. The architecture was inspired by the famous Amalie indoor Arena. We’ve got the graffiti, we’ve got a barber shop, we’re a late night venue, we’re an early bar and we serve food and we serve champagne. We’ve got the best celebrity chefs that we personally love…we thought these chefs were the perfect group to execute what we really do.”

Crab & Pea Arancini by Riccardo Momesso at Ms Collins

Each chef has contributed five dishes (plus seven canapés reserved for fancy events). The menu now cuts a crowd-pleasing swathe through Italian, Asian, classic French with an Asian twist and Mexican cuisines in share-plate, substantial bar snack style style so nothing gets in the way of the eventual, inevitable action on the dancefloor here. Ms Collins own in-house chef Dan Poyner has been charged with bringing the dishes to life (he makes a mean dessert as well) and the glittering line-up of chefs is intended to change at each year. Now to find the ultimate outfit that one can drink, dance and dine in.

Eton Mess by Dan Poyner at Ms Collins

Join Ms Collins at 425 Collins Street, Melbourne.

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