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Undressed | Bendigo Art Gallery

'Little X' girdle, Silhouette, Britain, early 1960s & Body Suit, Mary Quant (b.1934), Britain, London, c. 1965

Derrière, négligée, décolletage…the French certainly have a way with describing the saucier aspects of humanity. But a new exhibition, a little closer to home, is going one better by exploring the more intimate sections of our wardrobes in full colour.

Undressed: 350 years of Underwear

The Bendigo Art Gallery continues their recent trend of hosting world class fashion exhibitions with ‘Undressed; 350 Years of Underwear in Fashion‘. Following on from popular showcases like ‘Modern Love’ with LA’s Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising Museum and ‘Grace Kelly: Style Icon’, ‘Undressed’ goes beneath the surface.

Undressed: 350 years of Underwear

Putting humanity’s collective unmentionables on display, the exhibition contains pieces – courtesy the Victoria and Albert Museum in London – ranging from the purely titillating to those that could double as medieval torture devices. Designer labels like Bottega Veneta, Jean Paul Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood are represented and pieces have been worn by the likes of Queen Victoria to Emma Watson.

Undressed: 350 years of Underwear

Be even more voyeuristic if you fancy, and see ‘The Body Beautiful in Ancient Greece’ exhibition that the gallery is also housing while you’re there to make a weekend of it. And then may I suggest a jaunt out to nearby Heathcote for a spot of wine tasting to soften the hours spent looking at all those knickers and nudes?

Undressed: 350 years of Underwear

The ‘Undressed’ exhibition is on now at 42 View Street, Bendigo, until 26th October.

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