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VAMFF 2014 Campaign

Fernanda wears Romance Was Born, Pink LouLou necklace, Karen Walker necklace.

See. Feel. React. The Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival‘s 2014 campaign turns the spotlight back on we rabid fashion voyeurs and collectors.

How are you feeling about the new campaign? I think it would have made more sense to include labels that have participated in the festival before; only a few featured in the imagery have played a role (though how wonderful would it be to have Chanel on board considering their gorgeous new Melbourne space?) However, it is a bit of fun to guess who these fashion industry stereotypes are based on. The matriarch, the blogger, the magazine stylist and the dandy perhaps?

The campaign’s strength lies in reminding us how much pleasure fashion can bring even when we are not the wearer; whether that feeling is fleetingly superficial or artistically satisfying.

Georgia wears Carla Zampatti, Jerome Dreyfus bag, Karen Walker glasses, vintage earrings.

Harry wears Calibre, Louis Vuitton bag, photographer’s own glasses.

Alice wears Viktoria & Woods, Chanel bag, Pink Lou Lou jewellery.

Art Direction – GPY&R

Photographer – Georges Antoni

Styling – Mark Vassallo

Make-up – Elsa Morgan for L’Oreal Paris

Hair – Brad Ngata and Caterina Di Biase for L’Oreal Professionnel

Models – Alice Burdeu, Georgie Feller, Fernanda, Harry Goodwins

3 Thoughts on “VAMFF 2014 Campaign

  1. I’m really impressed with this. I do agree that it would have been nice to see some labels featured in the festival before but perhaps what this means is that we’re putting our best local brands up against these global fashion giants in the same playing field, especially considering we don’t actually get to see what clothes are walking down the runway. I think it’s a clever way to attract a crowd that before would perceive Aussie brands as not a ‘global standard’ to expect a higher calibre and relative profile of world wide fashion.

  2. I understand about competing globally Hinny. But if the brands featured aren’t actually part of the festival isn’t that a bit of cheeky false advertising really? Plus how much of a boost for Australian labels would it have been to be on billboards and ads nationwide? I don’t think the campaign will get much of a run with a global market anyway (maybe industry events in China). I do see that the clothes aren’t really the point of this campaign – it’s the expressions – just having worked on similar things before I’d have thought the concept would have taken these aspects into consideration. They’ve secured some great creatives to be involved; I wonder if they actually had much time (such a luxury in the biz) to pull it together?

  3. An even mix of local and foreign designs featured would have been the right way to execute the campaign if their intentions were to capture a global market. I completely agree with you on the false advertising. The bottom line is that it is an Australian event and we should be seeing Australian designs. I’ve seen what’s out there and we’re pretty awesome.

    I really hope that this doesn’t suggest that VAMFF don’t think we’re good enough. hrrmmm….

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