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MSFW | Designer Runway 1 | 2013

Designer Runway 1 Melbourne Spring Fashion Week MSFW 2013
Theatre. That’s the term that sums up the opening designer runway at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week for 2013. From the doll-like musicians that tunefully accompanied each designer showing, to Richard Nylon’s finale of glow-in-the-dark, head-in-the-clouds, can’t-even-call- them-millinery creations, MSFW this year kicked off with the very best kind of drama.

Designer Runway 1 featured Gwendolynne, Aurelio Costarella, Dom Bagnato, Nicolangela, Jayson Brunsdon, Richard Nylon, Jason Grech and Craig Braybrook.

Photography by Claire Alice Young

Gwendolynne MSFW 2013

Aurelio Costarella MSFW 2013

Nicolangela MSFW 2013

Dom Bagnato MSFW 2013

Jayson Brunsdon MSFW 2013

Jason Grech MSFW 2013

Craig Braybrook MSFW 2013

Richard Nylon MSFW 2013

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