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Hopeless lingerie ‘As Above, So Below’ 2013

“How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is quite clearly Ocean.” – Arthur C. Clarke

The ridiculously talented designer Gabrielle Adamidis returns for Spring Summer 2013 with her latest Hopeless lingerie collection ‘As Above, So Below’. This time she has been inspired by what lurks in an octopus’ garden beneath the waves. Think of leather garters and suspenders that reference tendrils, fetishised pentagrams standing-in for sea stars, gently rippling silk. In Gaby’s own words…

How did the oceanic theme come into play this season?
For the longest time I’ve been totally enthralled by the ocean. I absolutely love deep sea documentaries, and am quite obsessed with basically every kind of life that can be found down there. It amazes me too that we have explored more of outer space than our oceans, and that they are finding new species every day. It is the ultimate source of inspiration, from the tiniest krill and plankton to the biggest sharks and whales. So this season I wanted to look at a tiny part of it, and chose a collection of sea creatures to look at, mainly crustaceans, and that was where I drew my shapes and lines from. Even though much of my work is quite minimal, all of those lines are there for a reason, and have a story behind them.

Is there a particular sea legend or myth that stuck in your mind while researching your ideas for the new collection?
When I was looking for names for all of my pieces, I came across the Oceanids – who were the 3000 daughters of the Titans Oceanus and Tethys. Many of those had stories and were connected to all sorts of other mythological figures – and I just got lost (in the best way) reading about them all.

You’ve been focussing solely on your label for the past few months, how’s that been going?
Its been absolutely incredible. I feel so lucky to be able to do what I love every single day, and I am a little overwhelmed at much everything has grown since making the decision to leave my part-time job. I finally feel like I have been able to give my business the time it deserves.

What’s next for Hopeless?
Working on the best possible way to grow the business, while keeping everything handmade in Melbourne.

Photography – Stephanie Cammarano

Beauty – Sarah Baxter

Model – Lulu Wagstaff @ Vivien’s

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