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A Luxe Bite

Banoffee Hot vs Cold - Soufflé, salted caramel, crème Chantilly, Opera style cake, Sichuan pepper

Did you know a new type of chocolate has been invented? Now – in addition to dark, milk and white – caramelised white chocolate exists. I owe this sweetly new-found knowledge to Luxbite pâtissiers Bernard Chu and Yen Yee. If you have not yet visited their boutique bakery filled with artful macarons and individual cakes let this be your motivation.

I recently sat down to a private dessert degustation and “education” at Luxbite; part of an effort to “find my inner muse” as encouraged by a new project from the nearby Art Series hotel The Olsen. Luxbite’s series of Asian-tinged French creation were inspired by the hotel and artist John Olsen. Dream of sake-instead-of-rum infused Baba with matcha green tea and the aforementioned caramelised Valrhona white chocolate or Banoffee banana souffle with a sprinkling of Szechuan pepper.

I’m stealing the idea of ‘The Yellow Sun and the River’ dessert for my next party. Inspired by a painting in The Olsen lobby, this dish involves presenting individual ingredients like micro-basil, cherry and chocolate sauces, mango pearls, fresh berries and poprocks(!). Plates become blank canvases in this DIY dessert as diners unleash their inner food artist in abstract form.

Find Luxbite at 38 Toorak Road South Yarra.

Baba - Brandied chestnut Mont Blanc, matcha, Valrhona caramelised white chocolate

Banoffee Hot vs Cold - Soufflé, salted caramel, crème Chantilly, Opera style cake, Sichuan pepper

The Yellow Sun and The River

2 Thoughts on “A Luxe Bite

  1. OMG! My mouth is watering over these photos. Doesn’t help when I doing a 30 day free sugar challenge.

    I have to hurry up and finish this comment so I can get of this yummy looking page 🙂

    Hopefully after my sugar free month is up I can pop past and tast their aramelised white chocolate treats.

  2. Poor Emilia. Remember everything is good for you in moderation. Even indulgence, gluttony and excess!

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