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The Festival of Steve

Take a rare walk through the door of the exclusive Kelvin private club tomorrow and you may just emerge the very model of a modern gentleman. The Festival of Steve is a one day only celebration of manly Melbourne pursuits; learn billiards from a pro, browse a curated selection of tomes from Embiggen Books, laugh at comedy by a Hollywood writer or take a lesson in cocktails from bar Americano’s  head bartender.

Indeed the suit maketh the man. Carl Navè and his team of master tailors and shirt-makers will offer made-to-measure services on the day. Beggar Man Thief’s footwear and Lord Coconut’s jewellery will be purveyed, as V&J Menswear boutique share their expertise on styling, fit and etiquette. The tailor of Captains of Industry shall debut a collection of Mr. Phillips shirts, derived from vintage stock from the Phillips Shirt Factory. It all sounds very sophisticated; why should we ladies get all the luxuries?

Shoe will be shined, beards will be trimmed, coffee and ale will be drunk. Of course there’s a bar too. Want to be a friend of Steve? Find full festival details here.



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