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30 days with Kaya

Mission accomplished. I recently successfully completed a challenge that health club Kaya set me to visit at least 21 times in 30 days.

For more details you can read about it here and here.

Like all things, what you get out of it comes down to what you put in ie. it’s really all up to you. My way was to jog a lot, lift a few weights and do a little Pilates too. Being accountable and having to workout helped. And even though you can’t see much of a transformation after only a month in terms of how well my jeans fit, my cardio fitness quickly stepped up a notch and I got a little stronger. Plus I certainly felt (physically and emotionally) better. Which is the entire point. Even felt good when my calves were smarting after jumping around and giggling like a crazy person after a Sh’Bam dance session.

However, if you are going to be breaking a sweat (over things other than how to afford a Miss Louise shoe sale) you may as well do it somewhere luxurious. For a gym Kaya is certainly nice to look at. Upon entry you descend a staircase framed by swathes of fabric, giving it more of a day-spa feel (if only I could get a facial and foot rub after a workout we’d be all set). The space is vast, all chic woods and glossy mirrors. I quite liked the ritual of a workout – the end is still my favourite part – and then washing it all away with sweetly scented Original Mineral shampoo (ooh minty) under one of  Kaya’s rainfall showers.

I’m going to keep up the nutritional tips (miso soup, eggs for protein, organic berries, mix it up, seeds and nuts, etc) they gave me and will get back into actual workouts now that the two fashion weeks and illness that got in the way are over.

Do you need some motivation to move as the days get cooler? You can get in touch with Kaya here.


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