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WIN a Kaya Health Club Membership

I am far too excited to be doing my first ever Sh’Bam workout class at Kaya tomorrow. My enthusiasm is based entirely on the obviously awesome name and that I like the idea of dancing counting as exercise (so all those late nights on the town were good for me). I’ll let you know how it goes.

The rest of my 30 day health challenge – explained here – is on track in time for fashion week. I’ve discovered that I can jog intervals for a long time (for couch potato moi, this is a revelation). I think I’ve even experienced those previously mythical creatures called exercise endorphins for the first time ever at about the 30 minute mark. I’m also finding Pilates quite relaxing even when it burns (in a good way) and my next aim is to try a few more different classes.

Like the sound of feeling better, fitter, healthier with me? You might be in luck…

Kaya Health Club has given me a full three month membership (worth $605) to give away to one StyleMelbourne reader. The best part is that all classes – three yoga styles, two forms of pilates, body pump, body attack, spinning and the infamous Sh’Bam – are included. You also have access to a nutritionist and a trainer to get you started. All you have to do to win is;

1. Email with the subject line ‘Kaya’ and tell me the answer to the question ‘what street Kaya is on?’ Click here to find out.

2. Don’t forget to include your full name and mobile number (just for contacting the winner, I’ll always keep your info safe). You will automatically become a subscriber to our fortnightly newsletter if you aren’t already.

3. Wait to see if you’ve won this lovely prize! The winner will be drawn on 11th April 2013.

Here’s a photo of pretty Pia Miller getting her feel-good on at Kaya with my (and potentially your) nutritionist and Pilates teacher Tanya. Because I look like a sunburnt Ribena berry after a workout, even if I feel good so there will be no photographic evidence.

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