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New season beauty looks from YSL & Kevin Murphy for Myer

Let’s go behind the scenes to take a closer look at the hair and make-up trends sent down the runway during Myer’s recent Autumn Winter 2013 showcase…

Natasha Severino for YSL explains; “the brief comes directly from the collections, the edit. So I’m working hand-in-hand with {Harper’s Bazaar fashion director] Thelma McQullian, the stylist for this season. When she looked at the edit of the designs she could she, through the silhouettes of the clothing, a very strong presence of the 60’s. So when she approached me she said ‘there’s this nod to the 60’s. How do you feel about a play on that with the make-up?’ I thought let’s do  really graphic, winged eye but let’s make it a little modern by using different textures on the face to keep it new. So we’ve come up with this great, matte, black eye and it’s really deep and inky. Minimal lashes so the thing that pops straight out is this eyeline and very groomed brows and luminous skin. It’s about the juxtaposition of the matte with the luminosity, the slightly flushed cheek and the beautiful soft lip, making this woman ‘mod modern;”.

I asked session stylist Nathan Gorman (who co-directed the hairstyle for the show) how much pressure he was under as the big boss (Kevin Murphy) was away? With a wry smile Nathan says, “I know Kevin will be watching. He’s in Dubai at the moment but he’ll certainly see what we are doing.

It’s really 1960’s inspired and I think it’s important to say that necklines are getting higher and it’s almost the age of the shoulder again. For that reason hair need to go up and away from that as long wavy hair doens’t really look good as it fills in too much space. Our ponytail look is really inspired by a beehive look, but say 60% brush out. It still has a slightly fizzy texture but it’s captured in a low pony which gives it a beautiful shape at the back – almost like a pillbox hat.” The key to trying this look at home? “To keep it modern it’s really important to keep it tight through the sides. In the 60’s the girls were doing a lot more width here.”

Do you love this modern take on a 1960’s look?

Myer Autumn Winter beauty trends 2013

Myer Autumn Winter beauty trends 2013

Myer Autumn Winter beauty trends 2013

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