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L’Oreal Paris Runway 6 at LMFF 2013

In an era when many fashion labels feel as though there is little choice but to send their designs overseas to get made, Cylk are impressively turning the tables. At the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival they presented a capsule collection that was entirely fashioned in Australia! The innovative label also plans to boost the amount of Australian made pieces in their wider seasonal collections from 50 to 80% within the next year. “This has always been integral to our ethos” says Cylk’s glamorous creative director Keshia, explaining that she is “passionate about supporting local industry”.

The ‘Made in Melbourne’ catwalk collection was inspired “by rock and crystal formations”. You can see this in crystalline digital prints alongside more abstract mottled prints and the use of raw silk in silver reminiscent of pyrite. Over the past few years I’ve watched the label go from strength to strength; their renewed local focus is just another excuse to put an investment piece from Cylk in your wardrobe right now.

Cylk‘s designs featured on L’Oreal Paris Runway 6 at the 2013 L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. The show also featured designer labels Blessed are the Meek, búl, Lucette, Rodeo Show, Saveus and Watson x Watson. Listen to the show’s music playlist here.

Photography by Claire Alice Young


Rodeo Show


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