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Let’s Get Physical! 30 Day Health Challenge

Confession time. I love clothes (that part you know). I just haven’t been feeling comfortable in them for a long while.

With two fashion weeks and a milestone birthday on the horizon, this is a situation I decided to remedy (then again I seem to make such resolutions every Monday; sound familiar to any of you out there?) What’s different this time is a note I received on the same day, “We invite you to visit us 21 times in 30 days…” I considered this challenge from Kaya – a new health club in Prahran – carefully. It’s not something I would usually feature on the blog, but it was serendipitous timing, something personal to me, plus I get to spoil a reader (more on that in a later post). After a  festive season of over-indulgence and a lifetime of a general disinclination for exercise, I accepted. I’ve successfully made it past the first week so far!

Kaya means ‘restful place’ in Hindi. They refer to themselves as a pilates and yoga studio rather than a gym (though a full plethora of cardio machines are available). It’s a  unisex club but it’s definitely not swathed in testosterone. I’ve been spoilt with the celebrity treatment (as all members can be) meeting with a nutritionist and trainer for the first time in my life. Nutritionist Tanya, who also teaches pilates classes at Kaya, wants me to get more protein and variety in my diet as energy for my long days and unpredictable blogging schedule. I’ve added more free range eggs, linseed, sunflower seeds, almonds, organic berries, homemade muesli, kale, miso soup and hummus (the best recipe ever – let me know if you want a copy) to my repertoire so far. The eating part is certainly enjoyable! On her advice I’ll also be doing veggie – not fruit – juices over fashion week to get my nutrient intake fast.

The hardest part is still getting the motivation to actually go to Kaya. My internal voice is trying to sabotage me. But once I’m there it’s not so scary to be honest. I’m aiming to go at least five times a week. My trainer Kate has me doing a variety of things – weights, Swiss ball, cardio, yoga, pilates – over the week. I’ve done a couple of Pilates classes already; the kind done on the reformer beds that, at first, look like medieval torture devices but quickly become your best friend. I’m looking forward to talking Hatha yoga next (Kaya also teaches Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga styles). Kaya also have a dance-based class called Sh’bam. How can I resist?

It’s not about getting Miranda Kerr’s slender-to-say-the-least physique (I actually wouldn’t want that personally, quite fond of my own curves), it’s about feeling good in my skin. And that I need to go shopping for new jeans soon; we all know that can be almost as torturous as hunting for a swimsuit!

Want to join me in a health challenge? Get in touch with Kaya at 325 Chapel Street, Prahran. And if you see me out and about quaffing a second glass of champagne please slap me.

There’s no way I’m publishing a photo of me working out (just yet anyway). So here’s some ‘Let’s Get Physical’- style outfit inspiration instead. By Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia.

3 Thoughts on “Let’s Get Physical! 30 Day Health Challenge

  1. I’d love that hummus recipe for sure!

  2. Sure!

    -3 cans chickpeas, drained
    -3 cloves garlic, crushed, roasted if you prefer (I’m always tempted to double it)
    -100ml olive oil (I only used a tablespoon)
    -2 Tbs tahini
    -Juice of 1 lemon

    Whiz it all in a food processor. Add up to 60ml water to make it smoother. Makes a BIG batch. I love it, so easy!

  3. My internal voice seems to win rather often! So well done on not letting yours.
    P.S I have decided that champagne is actually good for you…it makes you giggle, which works your stomach & facial muscles, which is in fact a work out in itself.

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