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Portsea Polo 2013

A funny thing happens when men dress for the polo. They seem to have the sudden urge to throw a preppy sweater around their shoulders like the living embodiment of a J.Crew catalogue. Men of Melbourne please note; you are not Chuck Bass. We stopped counting sweater-over-the-shoulder sightings at the Jeep Portsea Polo once we hit 20 (bonus points if you saw two be-sweatered guys in a  row). The Ralph Lauren polo shirt was almost as ubiquitous. Perhaps there’s a mint to be made offering pre-polo styling services?Nevertheless there were some lovely outfits (and faces) to be spied on Saturday.

From balloons last year to beach balls this time around, our fine hosts at Bright Young Things eventmakers looked to Portsea’s seaside locale for inspiration. Hammocks, deck chairs and oversized umbrellas kept the crowd cool between dances. Banana pavlova ice-creams helped too. Though Lifeguard waiters may have had us overheating us again.

Peroni‘s marquee was the place for celebrity sightings this year. Swing a polo mallet and you couldn’t help but hit a plethora of models (Lara Bingle, Melbourne Spring Fashion Week ‘face’ Ebony Edwards and the star of our recent shoot Siobhan Taylor), sportstars (half the Hawthorn football team…sorry Dad, I didn’t get a photo with Buddy), actors (Michaela Banas, Melanie Vallejo and Josh Schmidt) and comedians (Andy Lee and Josh Thomas). Peroni went classically nautical when styling their polo domain this year.

With its cooling white sands and swathes of airy fabric creating a breezy canopy overhead, the Hugo Boss marquee appeared like a luxurious desert mirage. The fashion label spoiled VIP guests with a sit down feast of  shellfish and juicy corn cobs. Lobster bibs were the accessory du jour.  I can’t help but like a marquee that encourages us to take our shoes off and sink into a daybed to watch the chukkas!

Take a look below at Portsea’s polo style.

At the Peroni marquee at the 2013 Portsea Polo

At the Bright Young Things marquee at the 2013 Portsea Polo

At the Hugo Boss marquee at the 2013 Portsea Polo

At the Hugo Boss marquee at the 2013 Portsea Polo

At the Hugo Boss marquee at the 2013 Portsea Polo

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  1. Lovely pictures! looks like a great event 🙂

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