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Proportion Distortion

We’re all well aware for the transformational power of fashion. You slip into a favourite dress and suddenly feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. Or perhaps those sky-high stilettos make you feel like a super-hero and nothing in the ‘verse can stop you. And then there’s the more practical type of transformation, that illusion of smoke and mirrors that morphs your physical body into looking changed (and hopefully aesthetically pleasing).

The ‘Proportion Distortion’ exhibition takes a look at the way fashion can transform the shape of our silhouettes. A quintet of designer labels – above., alongside recent RMIT graduate designers Simone Agius of Simone Says, Elyse Barker, Anisha Bhoyro, Molly Herben – will set up an open studio at NGV where they will design and create pieces that distort shape. A workshop will be hosted on Thursday 25th October with demonstrations of leatherwork and DIY knitted flower-brooches with guests welcome to visit from 6-10pm. From 6.30pm Nyssa Marrow of above. and exhibition curator Paola Di Trocchio will discuss pattern drafting, grading and adapting design to different sizes.

Proportion Distortion runs from Saturday 6th October to Sunday 11th November at NGV Studio at NGVs Ian Potter Centre at Federation Square. Opening hours are Sunday–Wednesday 10am–5pm and Thursday–Saturday 10am–10pm. Free entry.

Elyse Barker
Knitted bouquet
Cut-up OP shop jumper, hand ruffled
Photo:  Nathalie Raefern Théry
Hair and Makeup: Justine Bruers
Model: Sam Frew

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