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I’m a cinemagraph

I’ve always wanted to try my hand at making a cinemagraph. It’s a fancy word for a more-artful-than-usual moving .gif image popularised in recent times by artist Kevin Burg and photographer Jamie Beck out of New York Fashion Week. I never thought I’d be in one first! Courtesy my recent collaboration with online shopping destination Jasu I can now present me as a .gif! You have to stay super still to capture fine movements, you won’t believe how many times we tried to make my earrings move without disturbing the surroundings. The creative team even considered tying an invisible piece of string to get them swinging as desired. Happily it all turned out pretty in the end I think. Would love to see more; please feel free to post a link to your favourite cinemagraphs/fashion .gifs in the comments below.

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