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Fashion Stakes Caulfield Guineas 2012

All Too Hard won the 2012 Caulfield Guineas yesterday. But the colt’s name was certainly not an omen for the event. With the grand final of the Fashion Stakes for dapper gents, a welcome appearance of sunshine and even more welcome flutes of Pommery champagne in the marquee, the day was rather all too easy. Below you’ll find a few of my favourite moments – and looks – from Caulfield Guineas Day. Viva la neon, dainty gloves and the trackside pant-suit!

My favourite gent won the day! Caulfield Guineas Day 2012

Cecylia, Jess, Phoebe, Sonia & I. Caulfield Guineas Day 2012

I loved this metallic number (it's from Witchery so totally buyable!). Caulfield Guineas Day 2012

My favourite young lady of the day. Caulfield Guineas Day 2012

The flower crown is having a moment. Caulfield Guineas Day 2012

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