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2012 Caulfield Cup Style

There’s not many things we dress up properly for anymore, either due to lack of caring or lack of time, This is especially so in Australia with our (wonderful) egalitarian values. Weddings are perhaps the exception? Even so the ‘formal’ dresscode has been diluted to ‘no jeans please’. That’s why I relish the races. Sometime it’s just nice to be fancy.

It’s not about spending thousands on a brand spanking new outfit, though I did treat myself to a – comparatively rare – new frock this time around. You can look better by opting for vintage or second hand, making your hat and borrowing your mother’s gloves. It’s about putting in the thought and effort (and not entering the murky realm beyond tipsy). Gents too certainly look better with a hat, maybe a pocket-square and shined shoes.

It seems as if tropical colours and adorning your hair with flowers are the done thing this year. Here’s a look at a few highlights from the Fashion Stakes stage, the Pegasus and BMW marquees (I got to touch the cup!) and the rails where much cheering was to be heard. My poor little feet are still sore but it was worth it.

Sun's out, time to pop this cork. Style Spy: Caulfield Cup 2012

Style Spy: Caulfield Cup 2012

Style Spy: Caulfield Cup 2012

Style Spy: Caulfield Cup 2012

Can I make a run for it in these heels? Style Spy: Caulfield Cup 2012

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