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MSFW: Collection 3056

Breaking a little with Melbourne Spring Fashion Week tradition, a collective of designers from Brunswick (postcode 3056, thus the event’s title) took to the runway earlier this week. Ella, A Name is a Label, Jack of Diamonds, Lhords, Hand Hook Yarn, Anna Cat, New Model Beauty Queen and Neisha’s group show was dedicated to all things grassroots, independent and sustainable. A few of the designs were a little crafty for my personal tastes (different strokes, for different folks is a wonderful thing) but I did appreciate NMBQ’s optical eye motif, Ella’s woodland prints and Hand Hook Yarn’s intricate macramé pieces. And the styling of the Marie-Antoinette-after-a-roll-in-the-hay wigs. Which label’s are you gravitating towards?

Photography by Chris Moore

New Model Beauty Queen Collection 3056

Hand Hook Yarn Collection 3056

Anna Cat Collection 3056

Ella Collection 3056

Collection 3056


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