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A postcard from my new office…

Typically I work out of my Melbourne home. My office is my couch, from which I blog surrounded by my two puppies (read: full grown hairballs), pillows and piles of magazines.

Until Sunday however I’ve luckily found myself in somewhat warmer climates at a resort somewhere very far from home (about as far as you can get from Melbourne without a passport). Yes, I am currently writing this poolside. I’m totally working hard I swear.

I can’t reveal too much now suffice to say it has to do with a special project involving Australian fashion (luckily the beds are super luxurious here – I suspect I’m going to need my beauty sleep).

Wish you were here…

2 Thoughts on “A postcard from my new office…

  1. Ooh, have a drink poolside for me, stylish one!

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