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‘Fire & Ice’ by She Is Frank

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Having the opportunity only once previously to publish some of photographer She Is Frank‘s works, I’ve admired her style from afar for years. On the back of her debut solo exhibition the enigma that is (the short-handed) Frank is being more revealed than ever. It seems like a good time to reacquaint myself.

Already having snapped some of Australia’s most beautiful women (like Tiah Eckhardt, Alice Burdeu) and the odd gent, in renowned labels (Alice McCall, Arabella Ramsay), for prominent publications (GQ, Culture); Frank is successfully immersing herself in a world that glossy magazines initially drew her to. Her signature is lively scenes in saturated colour that give her photos a larger than life appeal. Her focus; women (often alongside a good sprinkling of food) in unexpected backdrops and, while Frank is predominantly known as a fashion photographer, the clothes sometimes become a background player.

In her latest project the fashion ceases to exist half the time. The series and self-published book ‘Fire & Ice’ clashes the glacial and snow laden peaks of Iceland with Australia’s sun-exposed landscape. Perhaps this hot/cold balance is indicative of Frank’s own personal duality? The photographer calls both Denmark and Melbourne home and, while the images she creates put something of her personality out there, she prefers to use a gender-confusing pseudonym. Or perhaps the series just looks darn good hanging on the wall or placed on a coffee table?

Either way it’s inspiring me to get back into brainstorming ideas (during this certainly icy winter) for another fashion editorial for the summer ahead. Lots of colour mandatory.

'Fire & Ice' by She Is Frank

'Fire & Ice' by She Is Frank

'Fire & Ice' by She Is Frank

‘Fire & Ice’ images courtesy She is Frank. More can be found on the Inner Circle.

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