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‘Chain Mail: True Self’ art x fashion exhibition

Finally chain mail is being used for something useful other than scaring 9 year old children and scamming nannas out of their pocket money. For the ‘Chain Mail: True Self‘ exhibition various artists and fashion designers were sent blank canvases via the post (in ode to the GPO’s origins) which they half finished and then passed onto a fellow collaborator to add the final touches. The more than 50 wonderful creatives and labels on the line-up include Akira Isogawa, Limedrop, Christian Blanchard, David Bromley, Above, Caitlin Shearer, Dawn Tan, Beci Orpin, Alpha60, Kelly Thompson, Carly Hunter, Emily Green and Kat Macleod. They have used everything from stitching, collage, watercolour, illustration and photography, even crayon.

Each piece is an original and are only $200 to purchase with all proceeds going to Fitted for Work, a charity which assists women to find and keep work through appropriate clothing and other transitional programs. When else can you afford something by Akira?

The exhibition is on now until Sunday 24th June on Level 1 at Melbourne’s GPO, corner of Bourke and Elizabeth Streets, Melbourne.

kelly thompson & gemma o'brien

left - tim fleming & ben ashton-bell / right - lilly piri & caitlin shearer

akira isogawa & matt huynh

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  1. Thanks so much for the great piece on the True Self Exhibition! For more information on Fitted for Work you can visit our website at

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