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Lookbook: Chip Chop! Nordic but Nice A/W

Chip Chop – the label based on genius, quirky slogans that prove a sense of humour is the best fashion accessory – is back for A/W 2012 with a suitably wintry collection entitled ‘Nordic but Nice’. Designer Hannah Chipkin kindly took the time for a Q&A on Lykke Li, Ikea and gingerbread…

Your ‘Nordic but Nice’ collection in five words or less?

Absolut Winter Wonderland.

Your top three essentials to pack for a Scandanavian adventure?

A sled, a cape and some good quality gingerbread.

Would you rather have The Muppets’ Swedish Chef cook you dinner or play a few rounds of tennis with Bjorn Borg?

Definitely the Swedish Chef – he speaks my kind of Swedish! I hope he would cook me a fondue.

Favourite Nordic word? Mine is “maelstrom”!

That’s a really tough one. I did a lot of research into all kinds of fun winter themed words for this collection – specifically for the throw and cushion covers. If I had to pick one – I would probably say ‘Bubbelpool’ – meaning ‘Jacuzzi’. I found it so funny – and also I am quite sure I can pronounce it properly!

Time to choose sides. ‘Team Copenhagen’ or ‘Team Stockholm’?

Hmm tough one. To be honest, I’ve never been to either city – so I have no personal experience of either. But I have a burning desire to go to both (yep, as you might have guessed – I’m a little obsessed with this part of the world right now). When push comes to shove – I would have to say I am probably on Team Stockholm – because…
1. I loved the Stieg Larsson trilogy.
2. I need to witness the Stockholm street style for myself – I find it hard to believe there are so many well dressed, good looking people walking around one city! Can it be true?
3. I must have a hotdog at Ikea! (or is that just an Australian thing??)
4. And lastly, but most importantly, I would like to hand deliver some Chip Chop! garments to Lykke Li – she has requested a few pieces! (and then stay for a chat and a hot chocolate and maybe just ask her to sing to me for a little while).

An edited selection of my favourite ‘Nordic but Nice’ pieces below.


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