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Win $5000 towards your design dream

You may remember ages ago I was asked to share expert advice on my favourite places that inspire me design wise? Well that day of design discovery had now been turned into an e-book! You can read the book, titled ‘Design Destinations’ here (it looks best expanded). Five other bloggers – Chocolate Suze, Table Tonic, Butter Paper, Indesign Live, Leeloo – and myself share our tips on the best places to visit in Melbourne and Sydney. We cover food, interior design, industrial design, architecture, craft and, naturally, fashion (all while zooming around in Hyundai’s new Accent).


In celebration of the e-book and the design-focussed Hyundai Accent, Hyundai would like to help one lucky reader to achieve their ultimate design dream! Is there a course you just need to do? Some equipment you can’t get your hands on? Perhaps materials to bring your design to life? Here’s your chance to win the cold hard cash to make that dream come true. Any design discipline considered (not just fashion). All you need to do is;

1. Like Hyundai‘s Facebook page

2. Leave a comment below this post answering a) which design feature of the Hyundai Accent you like most and why? Click here to help you choose.

3. And b) in the same comment, tell me you want to help to make your design dreams come true! ie.what you’ll spend the money on if you win.

4. Be sure to keep your responses to less than 100 words, and to supply your full name and email address (hidden).

The competition ends on Tuesday 10th April.

Terms and Conditions.

22 Thoughts on “Win $5000 towards your design dream

  1. Cassie Dewar on March 21, 2012 at 1:17 pm said:

    My favourite feature is the fuel efficient Gamma 1.6L engine as it’s a step towards limiting our impact on the earth. If I won I would attend a design course to create my dream stationery line called Inspirationery. I hope to design beautiful stationery that is sustainable and creates positive social change by giving back profits to good causes (such as microgrants). Inspirationery would give you the opportunity to “make your mark on the world” both through the ideas, designs and dreams you record and the positive purchase that you have made.

  2. Thanks for your entry Cassie –

    Love the name of your future stationery co.

    Good luck!

  3. I’ve liked the Hyundai FB page as Sea Of Ghosts because I don’t have my own personal account. I hope this is okay!

    As an engineering technology student specialising in jewellery and object design, I really appreciate Hyundai’s intelligent, “fludic sculpture” design philosophy. The smooth, organic exterior gives the Accent the appearance of graceful movement even whilst stationary.

    Since my first Christmas job out of high school at a jewellery store I have been obsessed with jewellery and object design. It’s taken me 10 years of working with and designing jewellery and objects to finally follow my dreams of being a qualified jeweller.

    I have found that being a “metal engineer” as I like to refer to it, is a deeply rewarding but highly expensive pursuit. I’d use the $5000 towards much needed equipment and production materials for my home manufacturing studio so I can further extend the work I undertake in my studies, as well as cultivate my own personal design work for my eponymous label, Alicia Hannah Naomi, outside of tuition hours.

  4. Louise Firli on March 24, 2012 at 12:46 pm said:

    I love the “NEW THINKING” of the ‘Keyless entry’
    It’s convenient and very user friendly!
    Shopping trips become a breeze
    With a child on my hip, the car opens with ease!
    And the “NEW POSSIBILITIES” of the Dual zone climate control
    Are that temperature conflict with my husband is resolved!
    They’re design features with harmony in mind
    Not unlike the design dream I’ve refined
    I’d love to “ACCENT”-uate our family home
    With a garden landscape that’s not overgrown!
    Rather one like the Accent; ‘a statement in style’
    All that’s required is some of Brendan Moar’s time and smile!

  5. The feature we most admire across the Hyundai range, in particular the i30 is the use of design to create the sensation of space. Living in an urban area, space is something that we all crave. Having a stylish and practical solution to this is something we all desire.

    Bombshell Bay is an emerging swimwear label aimed at women 25-45 with an emphasis on comfort and styling we are best described as “sexy without the skimp” The Hyundai design grant will go towards developing and producing our next collection and taking it to market in the second half of 2012.

  6. GLEN ROLLASON on March 25, 2012 at 1:03 pm said:

    The VELOSTER push button ignition and panoramic sunroof is perfect and stylish.
    The artisan line 3rd time was created as a sustainable slow fashion practice that ‘finds the beauty from the discarded’.
    It uses luxury materials found and sourced without creating the need for ‘new’ production and waste.
    It has attracted international attention and the dream is to take it to Paris fashion week and participate in the trade fair.

  7. Can you still enter if you don’t have facebook?

  8. The aero dynamic , slimline visual aesthetic of the Hyundai Accent is what initially attracted me, but the affordable price tag for a stylish AND efficient vehicle have to be the features everyone can agree to like the most.

    $5,000 would help me through and beyond my Diploma in Applied fashion design of which I’m in my first year.
    Materials, tuition fees and course costs would all be covered with an extra kick to see my designs grow from being ideas conveyed in sketch books to affordable garments young women can express themselves in and enjoy.

  9. The plush interior design is better than the competitions.

  10. Melly Legiman on April 8, 2012 at 10:17 am said:

    H.yundai Accent’s ‘Nature’ inspired design aesthetic
    Y.outhful synergy blending with fluidic lines gets my tick
    U.nderneath lies a ‘personal’ space truly ergonomic
    N.avigating in style and comfort would simply click
    D.iscovering photography hotspots would be a breeze
    A.n impressive car in background could give coastal shots a tease
    I.ntuitive climate control means no longer feeling under the weather
    A.ll in the name of artistic endeavour
    C.reative photographic design is my number one passion
    C.ombining personalized art with words of inspiration
    E.nriching people’s lives through art
    ‘N.ew Thinking’ ideas driven from my heart
    T.his would give my dream a new start!

  11. Penelope Thomson on April 8, 2012 at 11:40 am said:

    As a designer, the first thing that attracts me to the Hyundai Accent is the sleek, fluid like sculptural design. But it’s the engine power and fuel economy with low emissions that delights the environmentalist in me! If I won, I would use the money on properly equipping myself to create an online interior styling business called Snug Styling that I am in the process of developing. The money would help me acquire the necessary tools to operate effectively, namely; purchasing my own laptop (I am currently borrowing my brother’s laptop when he’s not using it), a proper desk space and my own public liability insurance. My idea is to channel my design expertise and passion into creating a web-based Interior Styling Consultancy that offers accessible and affordable interior styling for the home/office/small business- with a focus on being ethical, sustainable and philanthropic.

  12. tanya dickens on April 8, 2012 at 8:11 pm said:

    The space, it astounds me as to just how much space can be in such a small car. I have test driven the hyundai accent and at 5’11” my knees didn’t feel as if the were around my ears.

    It started out as a hobby, me creating and designing unique garden centre pieces/ornaments out of, pretty much, anything and everything, to decorate my 1 acre of gardens.But over time I’ve had people enquire about my outdoor designs, and ask if I could “pretty please” make them 1 too. So what was once a hobby has now started to become a business. The problem is that, I am running out of space where I can create these outdoor designs. Ideally, I need a extra large studio/shed, that has plenty of storage for all the bits and pieces (hubby calls it junk) that I collect to create my outdoor designs, and $5000 would certainly go a long way towards creating a studio for “TRASHY TREASURES”

  13. Firstly, thank you for this fabulous opportunity.

    Initially I was attracted to the Accent’s Fluid Sculpture design because of the sleek, chic and sports aesthetic that it achieves. Then looking into the interior of the car, the incorporated electronic device ports and the design of the steering wheel with it’s easy and accessible buttons is a definite feature that provides a driver with safety precautions whilst meeting today’s technology standards.

    As a final year Fashion Student, $5,000 would be ideal for me to kick start a career in designing by either purchasing industry standard equipment and/or materials for my first label collection.

  14. Tash Williams on April 9, 2012 at 7:26 pm said:

    My favorite feature is the Side Repeated Mirrors, not only do they look sleek but they serve two purposes- checking for cars and doing my lippy (while at standstill of course).

    I would use the money to blanket our entire backyard in fairylights- my dream wedding idea!

  15. My favourite feature is how fuel efficient the new accent is. With our ever rising fuel prices and the need to travel further for work, it only makes sense! 🙂

    I would use the $5000 dollars towards my new costume business. I’ve had formal training in both costume and fashion design, however I would like to use the money towards further training in prop design and in latex molding costume design *Aka superhero costumes*
    I believe this would be my p.o.d in business and help me further my career. 🙂

  16. The veloster is amazing! Sleek yet spacious – a great way to get the best of both worlds.
    I would use the $5000 to take a few fashion design class and buy materials to fulfill my dream of making an “upcycled” clothing line. I would re-model existing clothing to be more fun and fashionable. This would be good for the planet and so much fun for me! It’s my dream!

  17. Actually, what really impressed me and what I take by inspiration from the Hyundai Accent, is the true FORM AND FUNCTION that this car brings. I am by no means any kind of car buff, or tech head, but a true aethetician and functionalist and THIS type of car does it for me.

    I want more than anything to buy a ticket to Paris. I am an Australian designer who wants to develop skillset and cultural experiences…that I can convert this into what I call a ‘feeling’ brand. An Australian brand that that touches, moves and inspires.

  18. I like the Electro-Chromatic mirror because it’s a futuristic feature that belongs in a sexy sci fi movie.

    I would like to publish a magazine that focuses on Australian fashion design and whose visual components reflect Australian design trends.

  19. My favourite feature is the high capacity luggage space! Lots of room to transport my fashion designs and creations around.
    I would use $5000 to buy a mannequin, industrial sewing machine, and fabric to create my first collection.

  20. Hey Guys… have you chosen a winner?

  21. So there is no winner then???? Was there even a competition????

  22. Patience is a virtue Jose.

    I have been overseas with limited internet access.

    A winner has been drawn and notified. Since it’s Hyundai’s competition you should go ask on their facebook page who it was.

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