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Win a pair of Sseko sandals

How about this for a genius idea? Sseko (pronounced “say-ko”, derived from the Ugandan word for laughter) fashion elegant sandals with interchangable straps. Metallic, floral, neon…you can change now your sandals to your heart’s desire. They are ideal for light-packing holidays, beach weddings or simply just for wearing all summer long. Plus you can tie Sseko sandals up in dozens of ways – check out their handy dandy “how-to” guide by clicking here. What look do your toes feel like wearing today? Ballet ribbons? A bohemian weave? Gladiator style? This chic alternative to thongs also has another brilliant element…

Sseko is designed around supporting young women in Uganda. In this poverty and war torn nation, Sseko is employing high school graduates at above fair wages specifically so they can earn earn enough money for their first year of university. The women can continue to be employed with Seeko until they achieve their degree and afterwards scholarships and career opportunities open up within the company (that’s if they’re not off being doctors and lawyers and generally making Uganda a better place).

And Sseko has just introduced some pretty fabulous leather and fabric clutch purses into their range. Both these and the sandals are surprisingly budget friendly – but the good karma you’ll receive but wearing them or giving them as gifts is priceless.

You can shop Sseko online here; use discount code “stylemelbourne” at checkout for an exclusive 10% off until the 22nd January 2012.

Or try your luck as one reader will win their favourite pair of sandals. All you have to do to enter is:

1. Subscribe to our newsletter ‘StyleSnap’ to the right or on our homepage if you aren’t already signed up (we check this).

2. Then email using “Sseko” as the subject line. Remember to use the email you subscribed with and include your full name, postal address and tell us which Sseko sandal is your favourite (visit the Sseko online shop to find out).

3. Wait to see if you have won this gorgeous prize! The winner will be drawn on 16th February 2012.


2 Thoughts on “Win a pair of Sseko sandals

  1. Wow, so good to hear about Sseko and what they’re doing for those young women. Love the clever idea of interchangeable straps too! X

  2. And the winner is Tracy M!

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