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Fashion has been intertwined with music since ‘pop’ became a legitimate genre. Think of the Supremes with their glittering evening gowns and matching bouffant hair-dos, David Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust finery or Cher and her entire 1980’s wardrobe (when she was actually wearing something). Fashion has been an integral part of music long before Le Gaga.

Aesthetics of Sound, as part of Melbourne Music Week, sees galleries, record shops, bars and mostly fashion stores explore their musicality. Annelies Love-Linay of Where Lovers Lie has constructed a custom-made outfit with interactive touch pads that creates a custom soundtrack when pressed. Pieces of Eight gallery has let local label Above have their way with their shopfront, while the subway-situated Corky Saint Clair has asked some creative friends to fashion jewellery inspired by their favourite songs.

Trimapee, Clemente Talarico, Alice Euphemia, Lenko, Honor Among Thieves and Comeback Kid are in on the act as are some of the most fashionable drinking establishments in town. Bar Americano has developed a tuneful menu of 10 cocktails inspired by songs (piña colada anyone?) and Ponyfish Island explores how soundwaves moves across water with live acts (everything from courtry music to pirate shanties) adjacent to their under-the-bridge mooring.

The Aesthetics of Sound is on now until Saturday November 26th, pick up a tour guide/map at any of the above locations.

The music-inclined menu at bar Americano

At Where Lovers Lie

Part of the display at Lenko

Jewellery at Corky Saint Clair

Live music at Ponyfish Island

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