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Lookbook: ‘Sound of the Nazca Desert’ Catherine Leon High Summer 11/12

I first shared the very wearable work of new designer Catherine Leon with you earlier in the year as she made her design debut for Autumn Winter. Now Catherine makes a ‘Debut’ of a different kind at the upcoming Fashion Exposed. For High Summer unique prints and gently tailored shapes return; fast becoming a signature of the burgeoning label. Below the designer shares details about her latest collection ‘Sound of the Nazca Desert’.

Your next collection is named after a place that many people would have seen photos of but may not recognise the name. Can you tell us a little about your inspirations this season and what attracted you to it?

The Nazca lines are known as one of the most important legacies of ancient Peruvian culture. What inspired me to this place in South America is the wonders of it’s geometric lines which delineate animal and human figures, the remarkable designs appear across the Nazca Desert which you’d have to fly over to view. My intrigue to capture such culture towards my design for this season would be the somewhat geometric lines and shapes, the colours of the desert, its warmth of climate and the mysterious history.

How do you think the label has progressed design-wise between your debut collection and this High Summer range?

The label has certainly progressed between seasons. The High Summer 11/12 collection has an influential array of colours and prints. The timeless signature pieces which simultaneously adopt and reflect a trend driven approach to fashion has undeniably strengthen the label. I have learnt that planning is very powerful, being able to make and identify opportunities ahead is imperative. I have also stayed true to the initial style and brand focus for the label Catherine Leon.

What do you imagine the ideal Catherine Leon wearing woman would be like? Is there anyone specifically in the world that you would like to dress and why?

Catherine Leon appeals the fashion savvy, cutting edge girl. She loves to express herself through her choice of clothing and appreciates classic couture as well as contemporary trends. I would like to dress Erin Wasson, a very talented woman with incredible fashion taste.

Catherine Leon will be showcasing her full collection at Fashion Exposed as one of 12 emerging Australian designers to compete in Debut.




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