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Drink This + Dress in That #10

Combining my love for a new sartorial find with a love of being a barfly, I’ll be pairing a fabulous cocktail from a Melbourne bar with a fashion item inspired by the concoction on a semi-regular basis…

Drink This: It’s hard for me to pass up peach-scented sake. But the ‘Ginger Ninja’ – house-made lemongrass chilli sake, ginger beer, lemon & vanilla –  at new bar Little Red Pocket (dedicated to all tasty things from the Land of the Rising Sun) may just take my order. An order via ipad no less.

Dress in That: ‘Emily’ open drape jacket in a print evocatively called ‘twilight ferns’ by Kachel.

Find Little Red Pocket on the mezzanine level, 422 Little Collins Street, Melbourne. Shop Kachel here. For more inspiration on where to go or what to wear in Melbourne this weekend click here.

2 Thoughts on “Drink This + Dress in That #10

  1. Love that jacket! I haven’t heard of Kachel but I’ll check it out.

    Vanja x

  2. Kachel is available at David Jones I think. Not super exy either. Melbourne girl designs it called Jana. Good luck on the hunt.

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