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Yeojin Bae Tresses

I’ve already looked at Yeojin Bae’s collection as shown at RAFW this year and told you why I adore her work. So let’s take a closer look at the look Redken Hair Director Daren Borthwick created for the show. Key words her uses to describe the woman he had in mind when creating the style are “confidence…femininity…strength and flair”.

To capture Yeojin Bae‘s look; First blow dry the hair smooth with a round brush. Apply a texturising product to the crown, roots and at the nape of the neck and blow dry until completely dry using your fingers. Create a centre part and blow dry hair out towards the shoulders. Braid your hair loosely until halfway then tighten the weave to the end. Apply a product for control at the tip of the braid. Finish with hairspray.

Key Redken products to recreate Yeojin Bae’s runway look: Wool Shake 08 (for texture and volume), Hardware 16 (for a smooth hold) & Fashion Work 12 (to finish).

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