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RAFW: Shakuhachi Tresses

With its youthful energy and nearly-neon brights, Shakuhachi‘s collection succeeded in capturing the essence of a modern summer. The show’s hair director, Paloma Rose Garcia from Oscar Oscar for Cloud Nine, managed to take a break from the previous day’s hair trials to let me in on the look. Inspired by the ‘Block Party’ collection’s feel; Paloma created a modern take on the 1960’s low ponytail. Think “glam jet-setters of the 60’s…bohemian…Brigitte Bardot in Saint Tropez”.

Test the hairstyle out yourself; Start by parting your hair in the middle. Then, mist over a sea salt spray and blow dry with your fingers to create some matte, fluffy texture. Then it’s time for some curl. At the nape of your neck, take horizontal sections (see below) and use your curling iron to achieve loose waves. Cloud Nine recommends claming the iron vertically to the roots (with the cord facing sky), rotating it one half turn and then let it glide through to the roots. Lightly “rake” your fingers through the hair towards the nape, leaving some hair to fall over the ears and secure into a low ponytail. To create that wispy static finish, the stylists rubbed a deflated balloon across ponytail. Genius! Finish with a spritz of hairspray.

Key products to recreate Shakuhachi’s runway look: Cloud Nine wide styling iron (for tousled waves) , Aveda Phomollient mousse (for volume and texture), Aveda Air Control (a fine mist to hold) & Aveda Hair Potion (sprinkle in for sea salt texture).

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