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Penthouse Mouse at LMFF 2011

There was a giant lightening cloud, relatively giant-er marshmallows and plenty of independent fashion to scour as Penthouse Mouse officially kicked off the L’oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival’s Cultural program for 2011.

Fashionables to love at Penthouse Mouse:

Jolet – Must. Buy. Winter. Melancholy. Printed. Skirt. That is all.

O.T.T. by Lia T – I love her jewels but I may love her metal manicure more.

Livia Arena – I’ve found a new Melbourne label to stalk with this one.

Braide – Who kindly lent me an amazing leather patched knit jacket that I was determined to wear even though it was a zillion degrees.

Maytide – Ethically made soft and luxurious basics.

Alexi Freeman – A smattering of sequins at the collar of his pleated trench makes me happy.

Above – The whole gloriously cut-out range. Their designs are delicate and raw at the same time.

Limedrop – Their emerald city print is just darn cool.

Mecurialist – still adore their new futuristic jewellery shapes since I spied them last year.

Bhalo – one of the W.A. contingent whose (fairtrade) Bangladeshi embroidered pieces stood out to me.

Methinks we have a hard-to-beat festival highlight already! Penthouse Mouse continues to bring the goods throughout the LMFF week.

A live photoshoot contest is scheduled for Wednesday 16th from 6pm until late. Called Junkyard Dogs three Melbourne photographers will create their own take on one brif with one winner.

On Thursday 17th, PHM will host a showing of Trimapee’s latest film for their A/W 2011 collection, ‘Umbilical Ventriloquial’ from 7pm until midnight. RSVP at, typing ‘film’ instead of your date of birth.

The Saturday 19th sees two offsite runways at 8pm and 10pm. Grab tickets here and then enjoy sidling up to PHM’s bar to finish off the festival week.

Find Penthouse Mouse at shed four at the end of North Wharf Road in the Docklands (if you face central pier with your back to the city it’s to your left).

Nyssa Marrow of Above

No Home film by Acne at PHM

Alicia designer of Drown jewellery

Tempe at BAM & her awesome hand candy

Jolet Ucchino of Jolet

Art by Juliet Rowe

Nathan and Clea at Limedrop

Art by Matsuri Yamana

Jamie and friend (and me in the middle with matching leopard print nails)

Designer Tim Britten-Finschi of From Britten and friend

PHM 2011

Chian and Cecylia

Fab photos by Lehane Richards

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