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I whip my hair…

I’ve always wondered how those pretty ladies at special events always seem to have that lovely, gently curled,  softly tousled hair. Now I know! It’s not natural at all (even though it looks like they bounced out of bed that way). They go see Anthony David, resident curl expert of Melbourne Hair stylists Rokk Ebony.

I visited Anthony recently for a new ‘do and walked out of the salon having my own Mary Tyler Moore Show moment (you know, uplifting theme music playing in my head) while walking down the street afterwards feeling like a million bucks. Is it just me, or does it seem like, other than  wearing a fab new pair of shoes (ok, and maybe the flush of first love), only a great haircut can give you that walking-on-air-everything-is-just-dandy feeling?

Rokk Ebony, who are my regular salon locally, are releasing (as of today!) their first salon hair care range. But here’s the sweetener. They wanted the price to be accessible (everything is only $14.95) so are teaming up with a certain supermarket chain to keep prices down. I’m one of those who will use whatever is in the shower on my hair, (even {gasp} those teeny, tiny hotel-room bottles) but it might be refreshing news for those salon-only haircare devotees. There are ranges for Volume (aqua), Heat (pink) and Curl (purple).

Anthony thought my hair had some natural waves (it actually has a multiple personality and does whatever it wants) so has had me testing out the Curl range for the past few weeks. I’ve been using weightless conditioner, the natural curl shampoo and anti-frizz  curl creme (like a leave-in conditioner) every other day. Also the curl revival spray, UV gloss coat hairspray (for shine and protection) and re-workable hair spray when I wanted a good finish.

When my hair is styled into curls it holds up the whole day without that obvious “done” look or feel, even with a gale blowing. I’ve found when I use the whole routine without proper styling as I’m prone to do, my hair is a little kinkier, just a little beach-y. I’d love to see a friend test it out who has proper, full-on curls. But it looks good and feels healthy and soft. It isn’t lank and I think my fly-aways have reduced somewhat too. The black and metallic-coloured bottles look great in the shower (not too feminine either for those whose partners are feeling over-run with beauty products), though it can be a little tricky to dispense conditioner due to the shape (you could easily decant that though). I don’t feel like my hair is hopeless when it comes to everyday shape any more! I definitely think it’s worth a try especially if you are a slave for expensive salon haircare lotions and potions.

Rokk Ebony’s salon haircare range is only available at Coles supermarkets from today. If you do give any of the ranges a whirl please let me know what you think in the comments below…

One Thought on “I whip my hair…

  1. Dawn Enoka on November 16, 2013 at 12:17 pm said:

    Hi…i absolutely loved the rokk ebony curl cream but cant find it in any coles you know where i can get it? thanks

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