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Zeitgeist Becomes Form

Noted German photographer FC Gundlach has curated an exhibition titled ‘Zeitgeist Becomes Form’ which looks at a vast range of fashion photography spanning an epic 50 years from 1945 to 1995.

The exhibit which features works by Helmut Newton, Herbert Tobias, Willy Maywold and Jurgen Teller is open from now until 12th November 2010.

It’s on at the Australian Academy of Design, 220 Ingles Street, Port Melbourne.

If you are a budding fashion photographer and want some inspiration or simply want to soak up a history of style put this exhibition in your ‘to do’ list.  Here’s just a taste…

Herbert Tobias “Nico Paeffgen, Cocktail Dress by Heinz Oestergaard” Berlin 1956 Fiber-based print from a repro negative 35 x 27.5 cm

Regi Relang “Finely Plisséd Dress opened into a Cocoon, by Elsa Schiaparelli” Paris 1951 Fiber-based print from an original negative 35.4 x 24.4 cm

Wolfgang Tillmans “Susanne und Lutz“ for „i.-D.“ London 1992 C-print 40.4 x 30. 2 cm

Hanna Boehning “The Fashion Photographer Charlotte Rohrbach“ Berlin 1948 Fiber-based print from a repro negative 40 x 30 cm

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