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It’s A Man’s World (+ video)

City square was transformed from a soft pink ladies’ fashion haven to a sleek white stage for a preview of all things spring in men’s fashion with the It’s a Man’s World show. The parade featured designs from leading designers such as Leopold, YD, Tarocash and Dom Bagnato.

In terms of casual wear for spring, boot cut jeans were teamed with pastel t-shirts and casual shirts with bright prints and patterns in electric blues and vibrant reds in designs by Leopold. Three quarter length pants and denim shorts were contrasted with casual suit jackets in black. Leopold also offered the popular 50’s themed slim suit in ash colours with defining collars as a feature detail.

YD followed suit with bright colours with purples and blues either as a main colour or feature colour in their casual shirts. Ash grey streamlined suits were contrasted with simple black casual suits with buckle detail on the back of the pants legs and around the pockets, in fresh variations of the much beloved suit jacket and pants combination.

Tarocash presented designs with a military feel. Strong collars and pockets gave the shirts strength and character. Tarocash played with colour in teaming black and grey suits with purple shirts and added dimension to black and white designs with symmetrical stripes on their shirts and ties.

However, when speaking about colour in menswear, it is impossible to go past the impeccable designs of Dom Bagnato. The playful mixing of colours and fabrics to produce masculine, powerful pieces is something we have come to expect from Dom Bagnato. Highlights included; an incredible soft yellow vest accompanied by a pair of yellow and brown check pants, a dangerously deep v-cut linen shirt and a pea green sweater accompanied with a pair of grey and blue pants.

Witty words by Alex Schleibs

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