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Happy 2nd Birthday StyleMelbourne!

So this blog/online publication hybrid thingy that I call StyleMelbourne (but really I should call my cruel mistress) turns TWO years old today. That means:

827 posts

375 events covered

18718+ photos and images

702 galleries

45 giveaways

8733 spam comments?!

So before I go gorge myself on some birthday cake I have to say a big thank you to everyone out there who reads this, browses through our galleries or clicks on anything. I couldn’t do it without the lovelies who in the past year have guest posted or provided photos when my amateurish skills are not up to the task. In no particular order (hope I haven’t forgotten anyone): Ben, Angela, Natasha, Giorgette, Stephanie A, Stephanie V, Mary, Michelle, Bronwyn, Edy, Shamim, Victoria, Rosa, Tina, Amanda, Daniel, Patrik, Natarsha, Alex, Christine, Chris, Ashley, Kerf, Brent, Carlie, Taylor, Kim, Courtney, Gail, Scott, Lisa & Pawley – THANK YOU. Here’s to more stylish adventures in Melbourne! x

2 Thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday StyleMelbourne!

  1. Happy 2nd Birthday Style Melbourne! Chink chink!

  2. Happy Birthday
    keep up the great work

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