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et al Fashion Preview

The enormous energy that et al designers Chris Doughty and Anthony Capon put into the range is evident through the number of choices available within their Summer 2010 collection. Although key basics pop up within every colour palette, silhouettes used throughout the range are by no means repetitive. The extensive selection of styles makes layering a cinch throughout the transitional Spring months. Capon shares the story of et al’s pattern maker, explaining that she prefers to spend more time creating a new pattern instead of reusing an existing one. Signature styles this season, says Doughty, include the white shirt (with loose, boyfriend styling) and tailored vests. Tunics, skinny-leg trousers and cropped and full length jackets with gathering are also key.

Et Al

The collection is a clever culmination of several different colour stories including black and white, indigo and navy, natural bronze, charcoal and rich coffee. Pieces from the same colour family vary in tone and texture, ensuring that an outfit never looks flat or contrived, while matte and shiny yarns also create subtle contrast between pieces.

Accessories are now also a growing component of et al’s range. The vintage key necklaces have been a huge hit, each one unique and exquisitely crafted. In addition to jewellery, the accessory range also currently encompasses shoes, belts and bags and will continue to grow in future et al collections.

Et Al

Doughty explains that el al’s range consists of small collections continually dropped throughout the season, as opposed to two main collections per year. Small drops ensure the range is constantly refreshed and that there is always something new for regular customers. Doughty also adds “we don’t like ironing”, re-emphasising the importance et al place on developing easy wash, wear and care garments.

The range has and is constantly evolving says Doughty. With quite a few seasons under their belt now, they feel like they have a good understanding of their customer. Doughty and Capon describe the et al customer as a contemporary, intelligent, professional woman. She may travel frequently, so et al’s capsule-style collections are designed to be mixed, matched and layered. “Know what your market is and stay with it”, advises Capon.

Et Al

el al’s outlook on fashion is refreshingly liberating, leaving me inspired and ready to embrace summer. Everyone has “rules” about dressing, “I can’t wear this with that” says Capon. “I just say, why not?”

Wise words by Courtney Symes
Fab photos by Ashley McLaren

3 Thoughts on “et al Fashion Preview

  1. soooo, where can i buy anthony’s pieces?

  2. Hi Anna,

    Simply click the link in the 1st line of the article and it will tell you details of where et al is 🙂

    Good luck on the hunt…

  3. Helene Siegmund on October 8, 2010 at 11:51 am said:

    please could you forward new showing of this seasons new garments…not based in Melbourne but have purchased with the lovely Pamela direct a couple of times..
    many thanks,
    Helene Siegmund a true follower of et al !!!!

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