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TSEN Spring Summer 2010/11

Adam Tsen is a fashion wunderkind. Ripe with the elixir of youth at 21, the designer behind ready-to-wear women’s line ‘TSEN’ and quirky accessories range ‘MEDIUM- RAW’ is not your regular fashion graduate. With a flair for garment construction ignited in his later years at high school and a solidification of his career ambitions cemented at Kangan Batman TAFE; it is hard to believe that this is only the beginning of his career. With the release of his dark, clean and contemporary Spring/Summer 10-11 collection for TSEN and ambitions to release a men’s, women’s and unisex range for MEDIUM- RAW, this young designer’s ambitions and growing list of accomplishments are unwavering.

Besotted with a monochromatic palette, Tsen’s obsession with luxury fabrics, slim-line silhouettes and asymmetrical frills have transported his S/S 10-11 range into an opulent yet industrial place. One that is stereotypically “Melbourne” and free from predictable spring florals. The collection incorporates the same aesthetic as his first A/W range: strong, feminine and made-to-fit like a glove. Comprised of chic one-shouldered dresses, sheer fabrics, tailored white shirts, extravagant bows and high-waisted skirts with flirtatious frills, this range was perfected for the classic yet modern woman. Given that the demographics of TSEN’s fan base reside in the hub of Melbourne’s CBD, it is no surprise that the bulk of his clientele stem from a corporate background. Bold, daring and versatile, TSEN’s current collection is adaptable and unconfined to the workplace. It can easily be worked off-duty which may explain the increasing demand for an expanded range in style and size, which Tsen has recognized and catered for.

The designer also has a more fun, eclectic side as evident by his online project MEDIUM- RAW with Laichi Wong. MEDIUM- RAW is an original accessories line comprising of plaid bow ties, scout scarves and multi- looped neckwear. Accompanied by cheeky names such as ‘Yellow Fellow’ and ‘Hands off me’, this assortment is a kaleidoscope of delight. With plans in motion to expand into clothing catering to both genders, who knows what more surprises Tsen has up his crisply tailored white sleeve.

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