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Hot Spots Winter 2010

The Hot Spots guide to Melbourne for Winter 2010 has just launched! Pick up the free guide for a multitude of things to do, see, taste and hear during the season when we Melburnians have “our earmuffs on and our socks pulled up”. My love affair with this city continues…

Though Spring is generally seen as the season for renewal there is a running theme of freshness throughout the guide. The city took me on a mini-tour in celebration of the launch. The blink-and-you’d-miss-it Fracture Gallery in Federation Square is bare and awaiting their next new exhibition; Greek family eatery Tsindos on Lonsdale Street has a new banquet menu (including classically gooey chewy saganaki cheese); Utopian Slumps art gallery is settling into their new inner city home at 33 Guildford Lane after moving from their former Collingwood digs; La Latteria is a new fromagerie on Elgin St specialising in stretching their own unctuous mozzarella (try it enclosing green olives and chilli); while Docklands sees the promotion of new life with Urban Reforestation’s project to promote sustainable urban farming.

The only downside of picking up the guide? Now I have about 18,755,534,345 new things on my ever growing “must do” list. Thanks a bunch Hot Spots spies! Here are a few ideas that are right up my alley (or rather, laneway) after I thumbed through the guide;

– The Sensory Lab are deathly serious about coffee. It’s almost shameful that I’m writing this from an Amercan chain “coffee house”.

-The dreamy, under-the-boardwalk stylings of label Bul which we’ve given you an early peek at.

Tessuti Fabrics offers a selection of remnants from local and international designer labels.

-The Amazing Bodies exhibition, gives you a fascinating look inside real, skinless, bodies.

-Really want to take my ravenous stomach to Izakaya Den and Mamasita, both eating houses that have had a quick rise.

– La Parisienne Pates in Carlton; Ooh la la, for their take-home french cuisine!

– The 24 Moons pop-up bar, with its drink list that sound like magic potions, will only be around for 24 lunar cycles. ‘Lady Yvette’ cocktail her I come. I wonder if they have space food sticks as bar snacks?

– Stephanie Downey’s Dress Up label looks chic.


The best thing to do with the guide may be to pick a hub and create your own walking tour. Since Melbourne turns 175 this year I’m sure she want us to visit and spend some time with her for her birthday. Find Hot Spots at cafes, bars and info centres around town.

3 Thoughts on “Hot Spots Winter 2010

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  2. I’ve been to Izakaya Den (review on my blog), their tuna tataki is so sublime, you really have to try it.

  3. Can’t wait to pick up my copy! Always good to know what’s new and happening in our fabulouss city! x

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