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Salon Melbourne Day 2

Nails were embellished, hair was extended and mystic tans were paraded  at the Salon Melbourne exhibition. An industry event dedicated to the latest in hair and beauty technology excited audiences and featured a very extensive event program inclusive of beauty workshops and independent designer catwalks.

The anticipated celebrity workshop with Rae Morris and Brad Ngata showcased Rae and Brad working hair and make-up and sharing their tips of the trade. Brad works the fairytale hairstyle, taking inspiration of the Alice and Wonderland theme. He tells us this season is all about texture, shape and volume as he uses childhood techniques of teasing and crimping.

Rae, make-up master delights us with smoky eyes, how to work glitter for the evening and an introduction to facelift tape. Sharing an array of secrets, I’ve hand-picked those I feel most valuable to achieve basic flawless;

-For lasting make up, don’t layer more than two products beneath your foundation. Sunscreen and moisturiser is sufficient.
-With red lips at the height of trends you can minimise lipstick bleed by only applying one layer and apply with a brush for precision.
-No more matching foundation on the back of your hand, your décolletage is more accurate.
-When using concealer, keep it the same colour or darker for raised blemishes (i.e. pimples) and one colour lighter for ‘under the skin’ imperfections.

The first ‘Glitterati’ parade decorated the catwalk with lustrous embellished dresses by designer ‘by Johnny.’ Sequined shift dresses were teamed with quirky tights and bold leggings. Hems for the confident were high and dresses were strapless, one shouldered and featured low back cuts.

A delightful mini black sequined dress opened the parade with material draping to a flattering backless cut meeting a gathered bow for glam meets pretty. Accessories were bold with metallic and tribal necklaces by Coco Liberace and studded ankle boots complemented the quiff hairstyles on the models. Leggings featured a fusion of fabrics, with bold glossy gold and black patterns. Transparent capes were draped over dresses, leggings and evening blouses. They were to maxi length, hooded and embellished with by Johnny’s signature sequins.

Winter trends were evident throughout the collection where we saw tiered fabrics, layering, fused fabrics and from the highly decorated to classic black shapes. Make up was heavy and fantasy like, taking this season’s fairytale trend. Exposed zips were popular with scoop and v-backs and by Johnny certainly took us to Las Vegas strip for a fabulous evening of glitter.

The Main Stage closed with its ‘Black Magic’ catwalk featuring the labels ‘UnNaked,’ and ‘MLY Black Label‘ focused on the darker side for winter. To what could be described as ‘gothic glam,’ the parade bought long black halter dresses, cool colours and short and sharp shift dresses featuring this season’s voluminous shoulders and cape inspired pieces. Mini halter dresses featured long black trains, others featured chiffon overlays and frilled embellishment all in this seasons black.

Designs ranged from floating and relaxed glamour designed to dark, clean structured pieces making a bold statement. With something for the boys, it seems straight to skinny leg jeans is still popular – in the new black. Styling up the basic tee, they’re wearing vests, sophisticated trench coats and are also sporting metallic sheen fabrics.

With a desire to learn, Salon Melbourne encouraged me to test my beauty routine and incorporate my newfound pro-tricks. I’m looking forward to wearing bold lip colour bleed-free this weekend!

Pretty prose by Angela Fedele

Inventive imagery by Christos Pavlidis

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