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Garance Dore returns to Melbourne

Fashion illustrator, photographer, blogger, style icon (and paramour of The Sartorialist Scott Schumann) Garance Dore will have an exhibition of her new work on display in Melbourne from Wednesday 28th April to Sunday 23rd May.

Garance has been commissioned to create a series of seven illustrations inspired by the Winter 2010 collections of some of Australian fashion’s leading lights. The spirit of designer labels Bettina Liano, Gorman, Country Road, Zimmermann, Thurley, Arthur Galan and Leona Edmiston have been captured. The ‘Winter with Westfield by Garance Dore’ exhibition will be on display at Westfield Doncaster, 619 Doncaster Road.

I’m super excited as the lady somehow seems quite down to earth, she’s one source of my own style inspiration and her personal style gravitates towards an aesthetic that is both achievable yet aspirational. Love love!

Below is your first sneak peek at Garance’s work for this project. You’ll see Bettina Liano’s familiar denim bustier to the left and Gorman blouse-y silhouette at left…

Image courtesy exhibition.

Update: Was pleased to meet Garance Dore and Sartorialist Scott Schuman at the exhibition’s Melbourne launch yesterday. The images capture the essence of each label so well; Bettina Liano’s sketch is so “Bettina”, Zimmermann’s sketch is very “Zimmermann”. Also bumped into Lady Melbourne again and designer Arthur Galan (whom I was meeting for the first time – he is very open and nice).

Garance told me she covets a Zimmermann swimsuit in particular. Also in answer to another cheeky question she would like Balmain to design her wedding dress whenever that day should arrive…

6 Thoughts on “Garance Dore returns to Melbourne

  1. OMG- Garance @ Shoppo? What a coup!

    While somehow I don’t think that the Country Road she’ll be drawing will quite extend to the short-skirted school-uniformed girls w/ school blazers flung non-chalantly thru CR canvas bag while waiting in the afternoon breeze for the 200.. school jumper sleeves rolled up, hair in high scruffy bun with matching school ribbons; while compulsively patting up pouts with Blistex or Lucas PawPaw.. I kinda wish she would because that would totally encapsulate for me, the fresh Aussie youthful style..

  2. She’s so gorgeous!

  3. Love Love love these images xxxx

  4. I’ve been searching high and low for any clues on which brand blazer garance is wearing here… any ideas?

  5. Hi J – your best best would be to post the photo on Garance’s facebook fan page – she may answer you herself. If not a fan will probably know!

  6. good idea. i’m not on FB myself, so i didn’t know she had a fan page. thanks for the tip!

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