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Bettina Liano Winter 2010


my most treasured memories of my teenage years is the day I purchased my first pair of Bettina Liano jeans. The pride I felt as I donned that now infamous yellow tag for all to see – there was nothing quite like it. Looking through the label’s winter 2010 collection, I can’t help but be transported back to those carefree days, with the range evoking a dream-like aura.

Blue, purple and that legendary denim are teamed with metallic embellishments and exposed zips to create an edgy, modern fairytale. And the belle of the ball in this story? ‘Lady Punk’ with her sweet lines and textures matched with sexy cuts and accessories to boot.

My picks from the collection are the pale blue ‘Rouche Alot’ dress with its flowing silhouette and draping detail that can still carry an edge if teamed with the right accessories. Also the ‘Leather Tulle’ bustier with its juxtaposition of rock star elegance and sweet organza and the timeless simplicity of the ‘Bow’ jeans as a must-have staple to complete any look. Notable mention must also go to the ‘Velvet Tier Collar’ dress, mostly because of my utter rapture as this favourite fabric of mine reappears with a whole new edge!

For me, the name Bettina Liano will forever conjure up an image of my beloved (now worn out) jeans, however while this element still remains, the label’s latest collection takes the best of the classics, and with a bit of a modern influence, presents a look that is absolutely unique – it may just be time to create some new memories!

Pretty prose by Giorgette Cardona

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  1. I like a lot of the shoes and hose used to go with these outfits. 🙂

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