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Fashioning a Career in the Media

“Do  what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” is a saying that many would be familiar with. Have you ever wondered how those “living the dream” with a successful career doing what they love made it there in the first place?

Prospect 360 provided some answers to this question when they hosted a Fashion Media seminar this month. Guest speakers included some of Australia’s most inspiring and influential women in fashion media. Anthea O’Connor (Melbourne Fashion Editor, Vogue) was Master of Ceremonies for a panel consisting of Rachel Wells (Fashion Editor, The Sunday Age), Chloe Quigley (Michi Girl Founder) and Kate Gaskin (Freelance Stylist and Contributing Fashion Editor, The Age Melbourne Magazine).

You might not know it, but Anthea O’Connor started her career in the music industry. After studying PR at RMIT, a move to London landed her a job in a renowned PR agency. After 7 years in PR, Anthea made the move across to journalism and has been with Vogue for 10 years. Anthea advises anyone desiring success in this industry to show initiative by working hard and “getting some runs on the board”.

Rachel Wells sides with Anthea on showing initiative, “There’s nothing more impressive than someone who is resourceful and can think on their feet. In a workplace situation, don’t just do what is asked of you, where possible, do more”. After completing a Bachelor of Arts, Rachel commenced her career with economics forecast company, Ibis World. While attempting to move into sports journalism, one thing led to another and Rachel fell into fashion journalism. Rachel has been with The Age for just under a decade.

Like Rachel, Chloe Quigley also ended up working in fashion in a round-about way. After completing a degree in Architecture, Chloe says work experience was the best thing she ever did, swiftly realising that architecture wasn’t for her. Moving into fashion photography exposed Chloe to the world of advertising and marketing where she secured a job as an administrative assistant for an advertising agency and worked her way up through the ranks. A desire to ‘make up her own job’ and work anywhere resulted in the creation of the Michi Girl daily newsletter 9 years ago.

Kate Gaskin’s lowest career point was sleeping on the floor (with a rat) in a shared house in London whilst trying to establish her fashion styling career. Working on a shoot for Italian Vogue was one of her highest points, which also occurred on the same trip. She is an example of not underestimating the experiences and growth that travel can provide. Kate also believes that “hard work and dedication” as well as enthusiasm is instrumental for success in the fashion industry.

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